1. Eating locally is a way of Edo.

2. I am committed to creating new dishes with local, seasonal, fresh and whole foods. I dedicated to executing delicious food using the most technical, yet simple skills in the field. For example, making the most perfect morsels of rice for sushi, well packed and seasoned. Finding balance is key. It is such a pleasure for all to eat as much as they want. However, I recommend eating lightly seasoned foods and a moderate diet to keep in good shape.

3. In 1990, I opened the first sushi restaurant on Church Street in Toronto, Canada, seating twenty people. In 1998, I relocated to the current location on King Street East(East of Jarvis Street), having eleven counter seats as well as twenty seats. Even though it is such a small restaurant, we are able to fit 85 people in a banquet style setting: 50 people with a stand-up meal, and 35 people with sit-down meal. Our Japanese style catering service continues to function the same way it did when we started in 1988.

4. Omakase is a part of traditional Japanese society. This concept is to give the host full responsibility for the guest’s menu for that evening. This is when the host and guest builds a mutually respectable relationship. People trust in me to create a menu suitable for them. I wanted to introduce this Japanese system to Canada when we opened, which is available on our menu today.

5.We are known for our Omakase at Hiro Sushi. We serve ever changing, seasonal appetizers, followed by sushi to fill up your appetite, little by little.

6. A note about Chef Hiro’s Omakase: Chef Hiro creates the menu based on his inspiration, which may change in an instant. For this reason, we do not have a fixed Omakase menu.

7.For more details, please view our menu.

8. The background music in our restaurant is selected by Chef Hiro, who mostly enjoys swing and jazz music. He considers female jazz vocals to be a perfect match for the molding of his sushi. Or perhaps he just likes the music?

9. Most of the servers at Hiro Sushi are foreign exchange students with temporary work permits. Chef Hiro continually educates his staff about the basics of hospitality. He encourages his staff to involve their hearts in their service. We hope that as a community, both staff and customers, we can all help them lead in the right path.

10. A master sushi chef must have the ability to source out the right ingredients, control inventory and service great production. We aim to provide good consistent service, as well as delicious and satisfying food.

11. I have participated to various culinary activities and events since opening our business. We are one of the participants in many charity event s throughout the year. If you are interested in our events, please let us know, and we would love to discuss the matter on site.