Japanese Knife

Skillled chefs treat thier knives with care.

Do you remind yourself of that all the time?
A master blacksmith’s vision is to forge a good quality knife with white steel.

A good knife must have the handle to retain a razor sharp edge, but the softness to sharpen with ease.

The resilience of a good knife comes from a high temperature during the forging process. This difficult, time-consuming process requires a lot of technique, care and attention to detail.

White steel on the other hand is suitable for daily use, even if the sharpness does not last long. It is easy to re-sharpen and able to use repeatedly.

We sell mainly white steel products at an affordable price. Our vision is to bring high quality knives made in Japan to professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Each knife is numbered, as to mark that your knife is one if a kind in this world. We also personalize each knife upon request, and we will engrave any name next to the Hiro name.

With good care, the knife can be passed in from parents to their children, from the children to the children to their grandchildren.